Metaphorically Cute Ducks in a Metaphorical Line

Starting the Fall

It’s one week until classes start, but I’m already back on campus, so I thought I’d start lining up what I’m facing this fall. Small things, such as the unwritten script have been clarified (it’s devised, I know, I know). But the elephant in the room remains–where exactly?

T and L would love to have the show be site-specific. Currently, they would like to be in one of the smaller concert venues on campus. This site has never been used for theater. The people who organize the site would like to keep it that way.

Space Organizer: We need this space for the other groups on campus, as well as for dance parties. Have you looked into the spaces the theater department offers? T and L: But they’re boring! (This may be a simplified exchange.)

Well, hopefully our elephant of a show will find a room to fit it, providing we all manage to get those ducks in a line.

Metaphorically Cute Ducks in a Metaphorical Line