Did You Get All the Condoms From the Health Center?

First Rehearsal!

This week we had our first rehearsal, another design meeting, and a second rehearsal! Let’s see if I can keep up with everything, shall we?

Rehearsal started off as a fairly normal affair, with T and L welcoming in the actors as they arrived in silence, then leading them through some movement exercises. Then they pulled out the condoms. The next half an hour consisted of the full cast, T, and L coming up with increasingly odd things you can do with a condom that isn’t having sex, still without talking. Highlights included:
-Blown up condom as a baby
-Fortune-telling with a condom crystal ball
-Not knowing what a female condom was
-Using a pregnancy test as a mimed joint
-Eventually, spin the bottle.

That’s right! The answer to the question “Can you make your actors play spin the bottle?” is most definitely yes. There was no hesitation from this group.

I don’t know what we’re going to do if we need to keep that many condoms on hand for random rehearsals. Sad to say, I bet it’s not the weirdest thing the theater department has gotten a charge request for.

Also, check out the updated bios page! Hey ho, the gangs all there now.

Did You Get All the Condoms From the Health Center?